What is Tensoriel?

We build machines that read documents on a sub-second scale

Today, businesses and financial institutions have access to massive amounts of information that wasn’t available just a few years ago. Publicly available data such as news stories, social media feeds, voice communications and government databases grow at an exponential rate. Yet, the number of human analysts who can read and interpret this data is at best growing linearly. We require new ways to close this intelligence gap and accelerate our understanding of the real world. Enter Tensoriel.

Tensoriel is a data intelligence company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automate the analysis of large datasets. We build systems that collect and read documents from thousands of public & commercial sources to deliver trusted, powerful and timely insights on companies, people and places. Our mission is to leverage AI technologies to tackle the world’s most critical issues like corporate sustainability performance.


Environmental, Social and Governance Insights

Quantifying Corporate Sustainability Performance

Tensoriel Iceberg™ provides real-time data & insights on environmental and social aspects of corporate performance. With concerns about climate change, human rights and social justice impacting the long-term health of the economy, it has become crucial for businesses and financial institutions to better understand the sustainability risks they are exposed to.

Iceberg™ has been specifically designed for that purpose. The data platform uses machine learning techniques to sift through millions of news articles, corporate fillings and NGO reports, delivering objective and timely insights on environmental, social and governance risks. Equipped with these capabilities, Iceberg™ can detect material non-financial events such as child labour practices in global supply chains, corruption scandals and toxic waste disposal before they erupt into major controversies.

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Our Capabilities


We cover more than 100,000 private and listed companies globally.

Sources of Information

We monitor more than 30,000 sources of information in real-time. 

Documents per Minute

Our algorithms analyse more than 1000 documents per minute.


Our natural language algorithms are almost as accurate as humans.

Project Timeline

We are a company with vibrant past and the well thought-out plan to build the bright future.

The Idea and Concept

August 2019 – San Francisco, California

The idea of the project is born, the business plan and the market strategy are defined, Tensoriel is incorporated. The development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) begins.

MVP Launch

January 2020

Minimum Viable Product is presented. Tensoriel joins Ecole Polytechnique’s incubator and secures first contract with a client to build a custom NLP solution. The development of our product begins.

Global Beta Testing

June 2020 

The beta version of Tensoriel Iceberg™ will be launched and will go through an initial testing phase. 

Clients Onboarded

September 2020 

The stable version of Tensoriel Iceberg™ will be ready to be marketed. Tensoriel will begin servings first clients.

The Team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to improve environmental, social and governance transparency


Sofian Bayed

Sofian is co-founder, chief executive officier at Tensoriel. In that role, he leads the development of the firm’s data-centric products by leveraging his background in machine learning, natural language processing and quantitative finance. Sofian graduated from Imperial College London with degrees in environmental science and financial mathematics. Prior to founding Tensoriel, Sofian worked as a data scientist and quantitative analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and AXA Rosenberg in San Francisco, California.


Jonathan Wadin

Jonathan is co-founder, chief technology officer at Tensoriel. In that role, he leads the development of the technology strategies that let Tensoriel collect and process millions of data points in real-time. Jonathan is in charge of Tensoriel’s global infrastructure, making sure it’s scalable and plug-and-play for it’s end users. Before founding Tensoriel, Jonathan was a software engineer at AXA Rosenberg in San Francisco, California, where he built critical applications for AXA’s investment platform whilst acquiring expert knowledge in finance.

Our Partners